The Kingdom of Terre Neuve 

Per pale Azure and Gules, a pale Argent and over all a crown Or Per pale Azure and Gules, a pale Argent and over all a crown Or

The Kingdom of Terre Neuve

Fortis et Fidus

Strong and Faithful
Where Dat Al Row
Where Dat Al Row
Entity (3)
March (Active)
Landed Estate Major
Census: 40 Active members
Eligibility Date: 2022-02-07
Status: Ineligible

Estate Seat 1:Member: 406
Leader deviceSir Eric Svartr

Next Higher Affiliation:
Kingdom (Terre Neuve)
Terre Neuve

 Kingdom of Terre NeuveKingdom of Terre Neuve
Active members with no house affiliation  
(0) events Isabel McDonnonIsabel McDonnon
(0) events Kendra Finster McFadyenKendra Finster McFadyen

House HospitalerHospitaler               
(0) events CeridwenroseCeridwenrose
Eligible (12) events LucilleLucille
Eligible (10) events TammyTammy
(0) events VampiressVampiress
(0) events NottinghamNottingham
Eligible (6) events VampiressVampiress
Eligible (3) events SnowSnow
Eligible (3) events Bastian the StrongBastian the Strong
Eligible (5) events BrennonBrennon
(0) events DestineyDestiney
(0) events StarStar
(0) events MollyMolly
(0) events Jane Snarling BeastJane Snarling Beast
(0) events William WolfwoodWilliam Wolfwood
(0) events ZendaZenda

House Eagles RoostEagles Roost  
Eligible (9) events GiovanniGiovanni
Eligible (3) events Kalysta Rainbow StarsilveKalysta Rainbow Starsilve

House Y Ddraig ap RhyfelY Ddraig ap Rhyfel            
Eligible (12) events Cledwyn ap LlanrwstCledwyn ap Llanrwst
Eligible (15) events Tailan Bran McNeilTailan Bran McNeil
Eligible (7) events Eric SvartrEric Svartr
(0) events Aileen BristowAileen Bristow
Eligible (15) events Awren HalfdaneAwren Halfdane
(0) events Cormac the RedCormac the Red
Eligible (5) events Padraigh McNeilPadraigh McNeil
Eligible (13) events Titus DraconisTitus Draconis
(0) events Gunborg AndersdotterGunborg Andersdotter
(0) events Brunulf HjalmarrssonBrunulf Hjalmarrsson
(0) events  Walter C Carter Walter C Carter
(0) events  Colette Rene Carter Colette Rene Carter

House Ráðsmenn YggdrasilRáðsmenn Yggdrasil     
(0) events Kara JonsdottirKara Jonsdottir
Eligible (8) events EilishEilish
(0) events LeifLeif
Eligible (5) events (Estate) Morgana the Red(Estate) Morgana the Red
(0) events Azrael of AnvardAzrael of Anvard

House GrimaniGrimani   
(0) events VincenoVinceno
(0) events MoryIanna GrimaniMoryIanna Grimani
(0) events Sinclair GrimaniSinclair Grimani
(0) events (Estate) Sylvea Grimani(Estate) Sylvea Grimani