The Kingdom of Terre Neuve 

Per pale Azure and Gules, a pale Argent and over all a crown Or Per pale Azure and Gules, a pale Argent and over all a crown Or

The Kingdom of Terre Neuve

Fortis et Fidus

Strong and Faithful
Terre Neuve
Terre Neuve
Entity (2) Acronym: TN
Kingdom (Active)
Landed Estate Major
Census: 122 Active members
Eligibility Date: 2022-02-07
Status: Eligible

Estate Seat 1:Member: 1874
Leader deviceDame Ishild Drekidottir 

Estate Seat 2: Mbr ID (1303)
Leader deviceSir Fyodor Tyrsson

Next Higher Affiliation:
Imperial (Adrian Empire)
Adrian Empire

 Kingdom of Terre NeuveKingdom of Terre Neuve
Active members with no house affiliation      
(0) events Dafyd HollowayDafyd Holloway
(0) events Bailey SigronaBailey Sigrona
(0) events Crimsome Nic EssusCrimsome Nic Essus
(0) events Ishild DrekidottirIshild Drekidottir
(0) events Isabel McDonnonIsabel McDonnon
(0) events Kendra Finster McFadyenKendra Finster McFadyen

House HospitalerHospitaler                                          
(0) events Jason the DirtyJason the Dirty
(0) events Meira Leigh BarcaMeira Leigh Barca
(0) events Terrant DarkchildTerrant Darkchild
Eligible (11) events Rowan BarcaRowan Barca
(0) events Caitrina the FearlessCaitrina the Fearless
(0) events NekrosNekros
(0) events Kaiya DamariteKaiya Damarite
(0) events Azrael of AnvardAzrael of Anvard
(0) events Warwick SteinhertzWarwick Steinhertz
(0) events Elizabeth BaileyElizabeth Bailey
(0) events Warwick SteinhertzWarwick Steinhertz
(0) events RobertRobert
(0) events JanessaJanessa
(0) events ScottScott
(0) events ArroyoArroyo
Eligible (15) events Ahlma HolgomoeAhlma Holgomoe
Eligible (7) events EricksonErickson
(0) events JanessaJanessa
(0) events EmmaEmma
(0) events MonicaMonica
Eligible (10) events Olberic AshdownOlberic Ashdown
Eligible (11) events Anthony ApostalAnthony Apostal
(0) events
(0) events
Eligible (4) events XanderXander
(0) events
(0) events
(0) events CeridwenroseCeridwenrose
Eligible (12) events LucilleLucille
Eligible (10) events TammyTammy
(0) events VampiressVampiress
(0) events NottinghamNottingham
Eligible (6) events VampiressVampiress
Eligible (3) events SnowSnow
Eligible (3) events Bastian the StrongBastian the Strong
Eligible (5) events BrennonBrennon
(0) events DestineyDestiney
(0) events StarStar
(0) events MollyMolly
(0) events Jane Snarling BeastJane Snarling Beast
(0) events William WolfwoodWilliam Wolfwood
(0) events ZendaZenda

House Eagles RoostEagles Roost           
(0) events Angus McLean de McDonnonAngus McLean de McDonnon
(0) events KellenvoreKellenvore
(0) events Michael McLeanMichael McLean
Eligible (17) events Fyodor TyrssonFyodor Tyrsson
Eligible (11) events SiegfriedSiegfried
(1) event AyareiAyarei
Eligible (19) events Ishild DrekidottirIshild Drekidottir
Eligible (4) events IndlwenIndlwen
(0) events AzheemAzheem
Eligible (9) events (Estate) Giovanni(Estate) Giovanni
Eligible (3) events Kalysta Rainbow StarsilveKalysta Rainbow Starsilve

House Y Ddraig ap RhyfelY Ddraig ap Rhyfel            
Eligible (12) events Cledwyn ap LlanrwstCledwyn ap Llanrwst
Eligible (15) events Tailan Bran McNeilTailan Bran McNeil
Eligible (7) events Eric SvartrEric Svartr
(0) events Aileen BristowAileen Bristow
Eligible (15) events Awren HalfdaneAwren Halfdane
(0) events Cormac the RedCormac the Red
Eligible (5) events Padraigh McNeilPadraigh McNeil
Eligible (13) events Titus DraconisTitus Draconis
(0) events Gunborg AndersdotterGunborg Andersdotter
(0) events Brunulf HjalmarrssonBrunulf Hjalmarrsson
(0) events  Walter C Carter Walter C Carter
(0) events  Colette Rene Carter Colette Rene Carter

House Gla' Morn AdelGla' Morn Adel          
(0) events TobiasTobias
(0) events BrandyBrandy
Eligible (11) events Callon Bryn CoreyCallon Bryn Corey
(0) events Uther von HopfUther von Hopf
Eligible (14) events Anne Bryce of KincraigAnne Bryce of Kincraig
Eligible (8) events (Estate) Babette Bryn Corey(Estate) Babette Bryn Corey
(0) events Nadine Bryn CoreyNadine Bryn Corey
Eligible (5) events FionaFiona
(0) events Crimsome Nic EssusCrimsome Nic Essus
Eligible (13) events Elizabeth of BlackpoolElizabeth of Blackpool

House ValhallaValhalla       
(0) events HamishHamish
(0) events Gemma Evangelista BorgiaGemma Evangelista Borgia
Eligible (18) events Timothy the ProcrastnatorTimothy the Procrastnator
Eligible (10) events (Estate) Duck A L'Orange(Estate) Duck A L'Orange
(0) events Mary CalaisMary Calais
(0) events Denys CalaisDenys Calais
(1) event Denise Marie de GuillemetDenise Marie de Guillemet

House Cuore Del LeoneCuore Del Leone         
Eligible (11) events Giulianna de MessinaGiulianna de Messina
Eligible (8) events Coda von RamnsteinCoda von Ramnstein
Eligible (7) events Wolfgang von RamnsteinWolfgang von Ramnstein
Eligible (7) events (Estate) Beatrice von Ramnstein(Estate) Beatrice von Ramnstein
Eligible (2) events Lilly von RamnsteinLilly von Ramnstein
Eligible (13) events Eryx CaballeroEryx Caballero
Eligible (6) events IolarIolar
Eligible (6) events SilasSilas
(1) event Isabella CristoforiIsabella Cristofori

House Ráðsmenn YggdrasilRáðsmenn Yggdrasil     
(0) events Kara JonsdottirKara Jonsdottir
Eligible (8) events EilishEilish
(0) events LeifLeif
Eligible (5) events (Estate) Morgana the Red(Estate) Morgana the Red
(0) events Azrael of AnvardAzrael of Anvard

House Anam CaraAnam Cara    
(0) events Edward ManneringEdward Mannering
(0) events (Estate) Brenin O' Draig(Estate) Brenin O' Draig
(0) events Fay O' DraigFay O' Draig
(0) events Zane HimmelbergerZane Himmelberger

House AugustAugust   
(0) events Yazzmeen the BraveYazzmeen the Brave
(0) events (Estate) Wilhelm the Shakespearian(Estate) Wilhelm the Shakespearian
(0) events Snarling CubSnarling Cub

House CorleoneCorleone         
(0) events Nikolai BelskyNikolai Belsky
Eligible (8) events (Estate) Johan Warhammer(Estate) Johan Warhammer
(0) events HaraldHarald
(0) events HaraldHarald
(0) events IlanIlan
(0) events Ilan CorleoneIlan Corleone
(0) events Jacques FerboisJacques Ferbois
(0) events Ilan CorleoneIlan Corleone
(0) events AlexAlex

House GrimaniGrimani   
(0) events VincenoVinceno
(0) events MoryIanna GrimaniMoryIanna Grimani
(0) events Sinclair GrimaniSinclair Grimani
(0) events (Estate) Sylvea Grimani(Estate) Sylvea Grimani