The Kingdom of Terre Neuve 

Per pale Azure and Gules, a pale Argent and over all a crown Or Per pale Azure and Gules, a pale Argent and over all a crown Or

The Kingdom of Terre Neuve

Fortis et Fidus

Strong and Faithful
Entity (14)
County (Active)
Landed Estate Major
Census: 31 Active members
Eligibility Date: 2022-02-07
Status: Eligible

Estate Seat 1:Member: 168
Leader deviceSir Callon Bryn Corey

Next Higher Affiliation:
Kingdom (Terre Neuve)
Terre Neuve

 House Eagles RoostEagles Roost           
(0) events Angus McLean de McDonnonAngus McLean de McDonnon
(0) events KellenvoreKellenvore
(0) events Michael McLeanMichael McLean
Eligible (17) events Fyodor TyrssonFyodor Tyrsson
Eligible (11) events SiegfriedSiegfried
(1) event AyareiAyarei
Eligible (19) events Ishild DrekidottirIshild Drekidottir
Eligible (4) events IndlwenIndlwen
(0) events AzheemAzheem
Eligible (9) events (Estate) Giovanni(Estate) Giovanni
Eligible (3) events Kalysta Rainbow StarsilveKalysta Rainbow Starsilve

House Gla' Morn AdelGla' Morn Adel        
Eligible (11) events Callon Bryn CoreyCallon Bryn Corey
(0) events Uther von HopfUther von Hopf
Eligible (14) events Anne Bryce of KincraigAnne Bryce of Kincraig
Eligible (8) events (Estate) Babette Bryn Corey(Estate) Babette Bryn Corey
(0) events Nadine Bryn CoreyNadine Bryn Corey
Eligible (5) events FionaFiona
(0) events Crimsome Nic EssusCrimsome Nic Essus
Eligible (13) events Elizabeth of BlackpoolElizabeth of Blackpool

House ValhallaValhalla       
(0) events HamishHamish
(0) events Gemma Evangelista BorgiaGemma Evangelista Borgia
Eligible (18) events Timothy the ProcrastnatorTimothy the Procrastnator
Eligible (10) events (Estate) Duck A L'Orange(Estate) Duck A L'Orange
(0) events Mary CalaisMary Calais
(0) events Denys CalaisDenys Calais
(1) event Denise Marie de GuillemetDenise Marie de Guillemet

House Cuore Del LeoneCuore Del Leone 
(1) event Isabella CristoforiIsabella Cristofori

House Anam CaraAnam Cara   
(0) events Edward ManneringEdward Mannering
(0) events (Estate) Brenin O' Draig(Estate) Brenin O' Draig
(0) events Fay O' DraigFay O' Draig
(0) events Zane HimmelbergerZane Himmelberger