The Kingdom of Terre Neuve 

Per pale Azure and Gules, a pale Argent and over all a crown Or Per pale Azure and Gules, a pale Argent and over all a crown Or

The Kingdom of Terre Neuve

Fortis et Fidus

Strong and Faithful

Fortis et Fidus !Our Crown Fortis et Fidus !
Queen Gunborg, King Brunulf
King Brunulf and Queen Gunborg

Welcome to our Kingdom!

Salutations to you, the populace of the great Kingdom of Terre Neuve and our friends.

We greet you as your Crown, King Brunulf and Queen Gunborg.
Having completed our coronation; as we begin Our reign, we are looking forward to a fun filled, productive year of growth and game.

We plan to continue to promote all of the disciplines.
We have several young fighters who are developing well. We have some new and returning Archers which we of course hold dear. We have a new Arts and Sciences Minister who is looking forward to trying out her ideas. (Taking nothing away from the work done by past Ministers). And we welcome any and all who wish to help in service and Ministry to our Kingdom.

Never been to an event, but want to know more about us? Reach out to one of the Crowns, check us out on Facebook, or stop by and visit!
We want to be open and accessible to our populace.
If you have questions, concerns, want to host a demo, autocrat an event, or just have something to say please reach out to us over our email address This email is a direct link to us, your Crown.
You may also contact Our ministers by using the "Contact Us" link when you mouse over the "Terre Neuve" option in the above menu.
The Kingdom of Terre Neuve has historically been a very active chapter, and that most certainly is not about to change. In addition to our regular monthly archery, arts and combat events we always have things going on!

Thank you for your continued support!

In Service to the Dream and our Kingdom
King Brunulf and Queen Gunborg

Welcome to The Kingdom of Terre Neuve!

Fortus et Fidus!

The Kingdom of Terre Neuve is a chapter of the Adrian Empire inc. occupying the geographic area of San Diego County South of State Route 52 and all of Imperial County CA, USA.

The Adrian Empire is a non-profit educational organization that re-creates history from the time frame of 793 to 1625 AD. This time frame covers what was known as the Middle Ages (Medieval) through the Renaissance period.

Every month we have tournaments which in addition to event service (we call it ministry) include unchoreographed Combat, Archery and Arts & Sciences competitions.

The Adrian Empire is an educational organization so we are often asked to run and participate in demonstrations at schools, libraries, renaissance faires, living history festivals and The San Diego Comic Convention.
If you would like to learn more about our Kingdom or any of our upcoming events please feel free to contact our Hospitaler.

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