The Kingdom of Terre Neuve 

Per pale Azure and Gules, a pale Argent and over all a crown Or Per pale Azure and Gules, a pale Argent and over all a crown Or

The Kingdom of Terre Neuve

Fortis et Fidus

Strong and Faithful

Fortis et Fidus !Our Crown Fortis et Fidus !
Queen Ishild Drekidottir King Fyodor Tyrsson
King Fyodor Tyrsson and Queen Ishild Drekidottir

The World Has Changed

During the constantly evolving COVID-19 pandemic, The Kingdom of Terre Neuve continues to operate in a very limited mode.
As your king and queen, we are monitoring the situation and will do our best to keep our members updated with the latest information as it becomes available. We are keeping in touch with our estates via Facebook and Zoom and have taken this opportunity to begin a revamp of our Kingdom website.

We encourage the populace to observe all shelter in place guidelines to help keep us all safe. While we follow the shelter in place orders, our ministers are still working for the kingdom, discussing future activities and methods of staying active. We encourage you to help educate those around you about the necessity of limiting the spread of the virus by observing social distancing guidelines, washing your hands and above all WEAR THAT MASK IN PUBLIC! If you don't wear a mask, you run a greater risk of infecting someone else who may be more susceptible or who may carry the virus home to their loved ones. Do it for them.
Faires and festivals are closing almost daily.
In this time of uncertainty, every living history organization is tasked with making unprecedented decisions. Be considerate of others and take into account the fact that everyone is under a lot of stress and inconvenience. Be excellent to each other. We'll get through this.

We will continue to share updates and ask that you continue to support Terre Neuve and The Adrian Empire by keeping your hobby alive at home! Dig out those old arts and sciences projects that never quite got finished. Build a new pell and hit it 100 times a day! Write an article and post it on the Facebook page. Share your knowledge in any way you can while we stay in this together yet must be apart.
Please, keep in mind that while wearing masks may become uncomfortable and is inconvenient, you are doing it for your loved ones and the people around you.
Thank you for your continued support!

Welcome to The Kingdom of Terre Neuve!

Fortus et Fidus!

The Kingdom of Terre Neuve is a chapter of the Adrian Empire inc. occupying the geographic area of San Diego County South of State Route 52 and all of Imperial County CA, USA.

The Adrian Empire is a non-profit educational organization that re-creates history from the time frame of 793 to 1625 AD. This time frame covers what was known as the Middle Ages (Medieval) through the Renaissance period.

Every month we have tournaments which in addition to event service (we call it ministry) include unchoreographed Combat, Archery and Arts & Sciences competitions.

The Adrian Empire is an educational organization so we are often asked to run and participate in demonstrations at schools, libraries, renaissance faires, living history festivals and The San Diego Comic Convention.
If you would like to learn more about our Kingdom or any of our upcoming events please feel free to contact our Hospitaler.

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